With football returning, make your play for Playmakers

OK, football fans. More and more of you are returning to the greatest sport in the universe, now that camps are slowing beginning to open. But you still have some time to kill before Week One arrives.

What better way to get ready for the coming season than to take a look at the many lessons learned from the past 20 years in the NFL?

It’s all in Playmakers. We released it in March, because March is the busiest month of the offseason. Now that things will be getting busier and busier as the regular season approaches, we’ll essentially be re-launching the book, for your entertainment and edification about the National Football League.

It remains available at Amazon at a 35-percent reduction in the retail price. You’ll get it for a mere $18.76.

Or you can buy it in your local bookstore, if it’s still there.

Thanks to the many of you who already have bought it (and, to my ongoing amazement, many of you have). Thanks in advance to those of you who will, as the 2022 season approaches and you’re ready for some football but it’s still basically two months away.